Felipemass : Life Chances of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Stage 4 Breast Cancer is also called Metastatic Breast Cancer, currently affects about 160,000 women with some 40,000 people who died as a result of women every year. Although still not be cured, cancer does not cause death quickly, but the possibility of recovery is also far from our reach.

Women with stage 4 breast cancer can live 10 years or older when diagnose early, but the average life expectancy if the diagnosis is approximately 27 months. However, that number continues to rise.

A Cancer treatment option to extend the twenty months it has increased and the prospects for further development is better. Scientific research is being carried out diligently. We have seen how the magic world of knowledge to change the world, and we may have a higher level of confidence that the researchers who are dedicated will make a new breakthrough to defeat the main enemy of this woman in the near future.

It did come caused cancer of the breast, but at stage 4 Cancer had moved to other organs. If Breast Cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the procedure is to remove the lump (lumpectomy) and radiation therapy is given, followed by administration of tamoxifen for several years. The majority of Breast Cancer tissue has a high concentration of gen that called HER2 (Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2) those found in normal breast tissue, so drugs like Herceptin or trastuzumab aimed at addressing these receptors can also be used.

Early-stage Tumors may be sensitive to the hormone, estrogen eseptor, and a positive impact, so that hormonal therapy can be done. In most cases, treatment can inhibit regemin and may even eliminate the Cancer, but unfortunately for the possibility of Cancer returning is always there - look at these Memory Pills. If the cancer reappeared, his case at stage 3, Mastectomy and Chemotherapy is needed. Most of the Stage 3 Breast Cancer do not develop further. Little possibility to stage 4 Cancer can even have gone through radical procedures is that the cancer has spread to one or more other organs.

Deployment and type of Stage 4 Breast Cancer will determine treatment

Not all stage 4 Tumors are sensitive to estrogen, eliminating possibility use of the drug. Not to fear, for surely the health workers have another weapon to fight this stage. Drugs such as Navelbine, or vinorelbmine, and Herceptin can be given by intravenous chemotherapy as a treatment that produces minimal side effects. If the Cancer spreads to other organs, more diverse drugs such as Albraxane, reformulation of paclitaxel, is available to do the fighting and drugs may not only fight against Cancer, but to improve the condition.

For stage 4 Breast Cancer, the struggle for survival becomes very difficult

There will be pain that often arise, but it should not affect your life. Most people can live quite active, they can enjoy the things they did before the disease strikes, can enjoy their family, their work, what gives meaning and purpose of their lives. Have hope and live your therapy. By struggling, life can still be wonderful.

Symptoms of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Stage 4 Breast Cancer symptoms include pain, bleeding, shortness of breath, and so forth. Pain may occur due to widespread tumor pressing surrounding nerves and blood vessels as well as immune and inflammatory reactions against growing Cancers. Pain is also caused by fear or anxiety. While bleeding or unusual discharge, including saliva, coughing or vomiting blood, nosebleeds are continuous, the nipple fluid that contains blood, bloody fluid hole intercourse (between menstrual / menopause) blood in the stool, and blood in urine. Stage 4 Breast Cancer patients may also experience fast weight loss due to less fat and protein.