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Our company is founded on the idea that the family that PLAYS together, STAYS together! It's how we live our lives here in our household - we roll as a team and that is where our best memories are made. We love to try new things out and see what adventures we can get ourselves mixed up in it keeps it interesting! And with bikes as our mode of transportation we have found that we have some amazing times outdoors watching the clouds pass by overhead. It's fun to get the blood pumping and explore new ways to get places, and new ways to challenge ourselves on our bikes. Beach, gravel, bike path, brick paver, downtown, winding trails we take them all on together! And perhaps the best part of it all is coming home knowing that we were helping our health as well. Staying fit and instilling in our family the importance of daily exersize that can be FUN! We all want to look and FEEL good - certainly our kids want us to have enough energy to play, play, play! The best way I've found to be that mom is to keep us all moving as much as possible.

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